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 Guild Rules!~

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PostSubject: Guild Rules!~   Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:32 pm

*!Guild Rules!*

  • Be polite and correct with others members, Triumph's spirit is to be a team, that's why insults, racism or others discrimination are totally rejected!

  • Help guild and support your friends and others members.

  • Members who leave or already left Triumph Guild [forever] will be ban from forum, without exceptions !

  • Be active in game and check the forum, post in and participate to the guild's life.

  • All new members have to be minimum of Master and have to be accepted by the great majority, guild master by a final decision, therefore will get the mention "TestPeriod" as nickname for 2 weeks, Allowing leadership team or players to take decisions if the new member its not fitting in the community.

  • As for recruitment, all new members, In the ''-Why should we consider you [Give us a good reason]:'' field of recruitment presentation, state a valid argument and the true motivation why you want to join, comments such as: ''I have many friends here'', ''I like it'', ''I will like to give it a try'', and so on, will be consider as lack of motivation, and your recruitment topic will get locked.

  • No More Arena Drama will be accepted, privates messages are preferred, you must find a way to sort out between you guys, if problem persist contact by private message a leader and we will help out !

  • Sharing account with members from another guild will be translated in a direct kickage! [Exceptions can be made if u contact the leader immediately]

  • Being a member, scamming any other guildmate of the Triumph's community, will result in instant kick. [You will have to show proof of the 'hack' before any decision be made]

  • Giving away guild private information, handled on guild chat / guild forum will be consider as a major flaw, and will have kick penalty, we trust you!

  • Creating gossips about guild, defaming, and doing any activity that damages guild reputation, will have warn penalty, if repeated will get translated in booting.

  • 1 character per member in guild ! If you wish to join an ALT char you have to get the agreement from leadership before.

  • Most ancient members have preference in comparison of new members.
    [for example: We dont want an old member leave guild for a new member]

  • Administrators and moderators on forum are allowed to cut, merge or delete topic to keep this forum safe !

  • Do Not beg for plvl or guild discount, is not under our rules or policy to offer free plvl or guild discount between guild members, it is a free choice of everyone if someone wanna make a discount of give a free plvl or tanking.

Other Rules can be apply in the later future.


*Triumph Staff*
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Guild Rules!~
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